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What's eleven55 Mean?

What’s in a Company Name?

Almost a year ago, my son and daughter-in-law talked about taking a new life adventure and moving to Kauai. My husband and I were all-in, ready to help them get their start. We took several trips there looking at houses and condos that would be a good investment for the four of us and a comfortable home for the kids. We started to think about setting up an LLC and thought about some names that would fit. So, I started thinking about various names that would represent the four of us in some way. The name I came up with…in my puzzle solving brain was using our initials. In looking at them closer, I realized sorted them in a particular way came out to be roman numeral MLCV which is 1155. Then we took the 11 and spelled it out which then turned into eleven55.

After many discussions, planning and deliberation, they decided to go on their own and not create a new partnership. I was proud of them for taking this huge jump into home-ownership and taking on this great life journey.

While we were planning on this new partnership, I too was contemplating a major life change – leaving the corporate world and becoming an independent consultant. Through months of coaching and learning, I realized that I needed to make this leap. The name eleven55 truly resonated with me and since we were not using it with the kids, I decided to use it for my company name. I was all set. Business cards ordered, LLC formed, website created.

As I started setting up my website I attached various keywords to the SEO, such as coaching, consulting, leadership development, and eleven55. I realized that I had not included 1155 as a key word. So, I went to google and searched 1155. What came up surprised me and amazed me. The first item on the search results was: “Meaning of the 1155 angel number.” Intrigued, I clicked on it. And to my astonishment, this is what came up: Angel numbers are not ordinary numbers. They come to you from the angels as a way to communicate, to assist, guide, and protect you. I said to myself, “hmmm, that is interested.” So I read on.

The site described the meanings of the number 1 and 5. The number 1 is related to new beginnings, new opportunities and success. It’s like a chapter in your life closes and a new one opens brining new opportunities for you to avail. The number 5 is associated with major life changes and making important decisions around life. I am faithful person and believe angels, in my case my Dad, Nana and brother, watch over me from above and send me messages. The power of this number that came to me, I believe, through them is truly an amazing gift which I cherish fully.

It was also the final summary of the 1155 angel number that truly brought it home for me: Combining both the meanings 1155 means that you need to give yourself the freedom in your life to give your life a purpose and serve the soul mission for which you were sent to Earth. This statement made a profound impact on me. That’s my life purpose to live a positive, spiritually healthy, and fulfilling life personally and professionally. Thank you Dad, Kevin, and Nana for your guidance, support and love.

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