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Is your relationship wheel in balance?

My oldest son recently got married. His best man, my younger son, gave an amazing message in his speech I am very proud of had to share. He, of course, was much more eloquent than I.

As a cyclist, his rides are often faced with bumps and divots forcing the spokes to loosing. To maintain a smooth, straight ride, the individual spokes must be tightened. If one of the spokes is not tightened, the tires are unbalanced making it more difficult to keep it on the right path.

Like the bicycle, a marriage, or any relationship hits bumps causing it off course. Our wheel of relationships has spokes requiring attention to ensure a smooth, balanced ride. Your wheel of relationships might have a family spoke, career spoke, children spoke, financial spoke, or spiritual spoke. If you were to rate the tightness of each spoke, would your wheel be out of balance? Many of us would say yes.

Here’s 3 things you can do to get your wheel in alignment:

1. What’s important to you about each spoke?

2. How are you honoring what’s important to you about that spoke?

3. What choices are you making to smooth the ride of your relationship wheel?

Keeping our relationships in balance requires maintenance and attention. Take the time to tighten the spokes. Book a coaching session today.

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