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Coaches in Our Lives

We’ve all had a coach at some point in our life. Maybe we had a coach for a sport we played teaching us the skills we needed and providing feedback on performance. Or we had a supervisor or manager who was a great coach and mentor helping us learn and build confidence in new abilities. Perhaps we had a parent, close friend or family member who acted as our coach, our support person encouraging us to live our values or try new things.

In all cases, we learned something new. We realized a potential in us we did not know was there. We realize the power and impact these relationships had on our happiness and fulfillment. We also realized what we did not like, want, or need in our lives. Regardless we grew, emotionally, physically, and professionally.

Why stop growing? We don’t have to. We have a choice. I made a choice when I realized I was not getting what I wanted from my professional career and wasn’t honoring my personal values and ethics. I am very blessed in my life. I have a wonderful husband, awesome adult children, live in a beautiful small town on a ever-flowing creek and travel often enjoying the beauty of our world. But I wasn’t fulfilled; something was missing.

At first, I was confused thinking “there’s something wrong with me. Why can’t I kick this?” Then I thought, well if I wanted to learn how to play the piano or tuba, I’d get coaching or training. If I wanted to learn how to use questions to create connections, I would get coaching and training. If I wanted to learn to surf, I’d get coaching and training. That’s when I realized I needed life coaching. I mean, why not? I know my values, I know I have life skills, but they needed sharpening. I’m worth it and it’s ok to ask for help from others. My softball coach, my bosses, and my friends were always there to help build a skill or work through an issue – and they were happy to do it.

Sometimes we just need a little boost up the confidence ladder or a new perspective on an old issue. I realized that life coaching enabled me to achieve fulfillment, personally and professionally. I want to empower others to experience this level of fulfillment and potential through life coaching.

If you are not sure how coaching helps, sign up for a free session – feel it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy you can access your power within.

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